New “The Great Invasion” Update for Bullet Hell Shooter ‘Phoenix 2’ Brings Daily Missions and 4 New Ships

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This past July marked the 5 year anniversary of Firi Games launching their bullet hell shooter masterpiece Phoenix 2. Right off the bat this was a game designed to be updated and added on to, and indeed Phoenix 2 has celebrated most of its big annual milestones with major updates, and it is frequently included in Shaun’s weekly update round-ups on Mondays. This is a game that just keeps going and going and going.

Well, more than half a decade in and there’s no point in stopping now. Phoenix 2 is set to receive another huge update later today bringing the game to version 6.0 status. The update is dubbed The Great Invasion and introduces a new daily mission mode. Players will get 3 new missions each day––one easy, one medium, and one hard difficulty––that each take place in their own areas and with their own Invaders. These missions satisfy some long-requested features from the community such as new daily content, the ability to complete missions with favorite ships, and speed running for top bragging rights.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Phoenix 2 update without new ships. The Pandora, Monsoon, Warden and Disaris all join the fleet bringing the total number of playable ships in the game to a whopping 100. That’s allotta ships! Firi Games have also always been on the cutting edge with supporting any new features Apple rolls out to their devices, but also new features available in the App Store itself. You may recall they crammed a whole playable demo into the new App Clips feature introduced in iOS 14 last year, and with iOS 15 and this new The Great Invasion update they’re taking advantage of the App Store Event feature.

Basically you just click this link here and it takes you to a little preview in the App Store directly and allows you to be notified when the new update is available, similar to how pre-ordering a game works. It’s pretty cool, and honestly I didn’t even know it was a thing you could do until now. So if you’re reading this before 3pm PT today, sign up to get notified, man. If you’re past that time though, then just jump directly to checking out The Great Invasion update in Phoenix 2.

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