Update: Roguelike Adventure ‘Sparklite’ Is Out Now on iOS and Android from Playdigious

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Following the Playdigious reveal that it is bringing Red Blue Games’ roguelike adventure game Sparklite ($6.99) to iOS and Android, the game has gone live on the App Store and Google Play. Sparklite has finally come to mobile platforms following its 2019 release on consoles and PC. While it went live on iOS earlier today, the Android version has just gone live. Sparklite is set the ever-changing land of Geodia has you crafting gear, taking on various enemies, in top-down action with gorgeous animations. Watch the mobile release date trailer below:

You can now buy Sparklite for $4.99 (it might change soon depending on when the launch discount ends) on the App Store for iOS right now. The regular price after the launch discount ends is $6.99. You can also get it on Google Play for Android for free (to start). If you pre-registered for it on Android and you will be able to buy the unlock at the same 30% discount on Google Play. While the game is a one time purchase on iOS, the Android version will be free to start with a single in app purchase to unlock the full game. You can try it until the first boss for free. Have you played Sparklite before or are you going to play it on mobile this November for the first time?

Update: Added launch trailer.

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