Colorful Puzzler ‘Petal Crash’ from Galaxy Trail Is Finally Available on iOS as a Premium Release Following Its Launch on Other Platforms

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Galaxy Trail’s Freedom Planet is an excellent game that I’ve enjoyed revisiting over the years. When the developer announced that it is publishing Petal Crash ($6.99), I was excited but never got around to playing it. When it eventually made its way to Android, I decided to wait for an iOS release and that time has finally come. Today, Galaxy Trail has published Petal Crash for iOS devices as a premium release. It is worth noting that the colorful puzzler is missing the puzzle editor and it has a bug with the intro music right now. The developers decided to release the game now and not delay the port further to let iOS users start playing. Petal Crash also hit Nintendo Switch late last year. If you’ve not played it yet, watch the block pushing gameplay trailer below:

Petal Crash is available for $9.99 on PC and console, and $6.99 on mobile platforms. It is worth noting that the Steam version even has online play support with rollback netcode. As of now, there is no news on that making it over to iOS. Hopefully the iOS release does well enough to get the puzzle editor and eventually online support. If you’d like to play Petal Crash on mobile, you can buy it on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here. Check it out on Steam here. I’m looking forward to finally playing Petal Crash after a friend of mine has been pushing me to check it out for a long time. If you’re considering picking it up, head over to our new forum thread for the game here for discussion around the release. Have you played Petal Crash yet or will you be jumping into the colorful puzzler on iOS today?

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