The Brilliant Puzzler ‘Baba Is You’ from Hempuli Just Released on iOS and Android with over 200 Levels Included

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Back in early 2019, I saw a lot of discussion around a PC and Nintendo Switch game called Baba Is You ($6.99) from Hempuli. When I finally played it on Nintendo Switch, I was blown away. Baba Is You will change how you think about puzzle games and it is the first game since The Witness to have me trying to get everyone I know to play it. What makes Baba Is You special is how you bend the rules and in many cases, make up your own rules with what you have available, to solve puzzles. Baba Is You has now launched on iOS and Android as a premium release with over 200 levels included. Watch the Baba Is You mobile trailer below:

Baba Is You is out now for $6.99 on both iOS and Android. It is priced at $14.99 on PC and Nintendo Switch. If you’d like to check it out, you can buy Baba Is You on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for android here. Make sure to read Shaun’s review of the Nintendo Switch version here as well. Baba Is You is a game that is best experienced without knowing too much and if you enjoy unique puzzle games that will definitely push you to your limits eventually, Baba Is You is for you. I’m going to dig into it right now having already played it on Nintendo Switch to see how much I still remember from my first run through it. Have you played Baba Is You before?

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    Baba Is You is a puzzle game where you can change the rules by which you play. In every level, the rules are present as …
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