Sony’s ‘PS Remote Play’ App Finally Supports the PS5 DualSense Controller with Today’s Update

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Ever since Sony finally gave iOS users an official Remote Play app, the company has been adding new features and improving the experience for everyone who owns a PS4. The PS4 Remote Play was renamed to PS Remote Play (Free) after it previously got full DualShock 4 support on iOS 13 and then support for pairing with PS5 consoles. After iOS 14.5 shipped bringing in PS5 DualSense (and Xbox Series X) controller support, I was wondering when Sony would push out an update for the PS Remote Play app. Today’s PS Remote Play version 4.0.0 update has brought DualSense wireless support for remote play on iPadOS 14.5 and iOS 14.5 devices alongside some performance improvements.

I don’t own a PS5 yet so I couldn’t check the PS5 DualSense functionality in the app like the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback but early reports from Reddit claim that the update adds Adaptive Trigger support with partial support for the Haptics. The controller already worked before this update but was just recognized as a DualShock 4 before. Hopefully Sony can improve the compatibility for the PS5 DualSense controller with PS Remote Play so PS5 owners can get the whole controller experience even when away from the console. If you play on iOS and are wondering which controller is best for you, read my updated 2021 iOS controller buyer’s guide covering the PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, and Xbox One controllers here. Download the PS Remote Play app here. Have you managed buying a PS5 yet if you were looking to get one?

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