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‘Deemo II’ from Rayark Gets Its First Gameplay Teaser Showcasing the New Interface and Some Story Scenes for the Upcoming Story-Driven Rhythm Game

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When Rayark initially announced the story-driven rhythm game Deemo II, the platforms hadn’t been revealed. One would assume mobile at least but considering Deemo ($1.99) and Deemo Reborn have been released across multiple platforms, the full picture wasn’t clear. Since then, Deemo Reborn has hit mobile following a PC release and it is now available on Nintendo Switch as well as PS4 with VR support. Read our original review of Deemo here. When Deemo II got its first teaser video, an Android release had been confirmed. Today, a new gameplay teaser has been released showcasing the interface, some story moments, and more. Watch the Deemo II gameplay teaser below:

While the gameplay clip in the video above looks fine initially, I’m a bit concerned about the clarity in the hold notes for when they appear near the top before sliding to the bottom of the screen. Hopefully the next gameplay video and the final game improve on this aspect. Deemo II is in development for Android and iOS (via Gematsu). More platforms haven’t been confirmed as of now. Deemo II is being developed by JetGen who handled Deemo Reborn for PS4. As of now, there’s no release date but you can pre-register for Deemo II on Google Play for Android here. Check out the official teaser website here and here’s our forum thread for the original. Have you played Deemo and Deemo Reborn yet?

[Source: Gematsu]


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