The Excellent ‘Donut County’ Is Finally Available on Android as a Premium Release

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Donut County ($4.99) from Annapurna Interactive has been one of the biggest surprises for me over the years. It debuted on multiple platforms back in 2018 and I’ve slowly been getting it and playing it everywhere with Xbox One being the most recent platform I’ve been playing it on. In Donut County, you control a hole that grows in size as you swallow everything in each level to progress the narrative following BK, a raccoon in a physics-based puzzle experience. Donut County has excellent music and humour and it plays brilliantly on touchscreens. Having played it on all platforms now, it is definitely best on iPad. More than two years after Donut County debuted on iOS, it has finally hit Google Play for Android as a premium release. Watch the Donut County trailer below:

Donut County was selected by Apple as one of the Games of the Year for 2018. Check out our review of it here. If you’d like to get Donut County on Android, you can buy it on Google Play here. It is also available on the App Store for iOS here. Barring mobile, Donut County is also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms. If you’ve not played it yet, you absolutely need to get it somewhere and play it as soon as possible. The iOS version also includes iMessage stickers which I use daily. Have you played Donut County on mobile or any other platform yet or were you waiting for the Android release?

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