TouchArcade Game of the Week: ‘Space Marshals 3’

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Pixelbite’s original two Space Marshals games are some of my favorite games on any platform, but they are extra special in the world of original premium mobile games. There just aren’t a whole lot of developers out there making mobile games that aren’t either free-to-play grind fests or dumbed down just for the fact that they’re games on your phone. The Space Marshals games offers top-down action blended together with tactical and stealth elements, and despite their more complex nature, they still work incredibly well on mobile. All of this is true as well with the latest entry in the series Space Marshals 3, which hit iOS and Android this week.

If you were a fan of the first two Space Marshals games, then chances are you’ve already downloaded this third game and are happily blasting away at some space baddies. Or, you know, sneaking up behind them and taking them out stealth-style. If you haven’t played a Space Marshals game before, then this entry is probably the best place to start. That’s because Pixelbite has gone with a free-to-try model for Space Marshals 3 so you can download the game for free and try out the first two levels for yourself. If you enjoy it you can unlock the entire first chapter made up of 10 more levels for $3.99. There are a couple more chapters currently in the works too, which will be released as DLC in the future. So saddle up cowpoke and give Space Marshals 3 a shot right now.

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