‘MudRunner Mobile’ Gets “American Wilds” Paid Expansion Today Bringing New Missions, Maps, Vehicles, and More

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Focus Home Interactive previously announced and eventually released MudRunner for mobile. MudRunner Mobile brings the 2017 released off-roading simulation game to iOS and Android as a premium release after it originally released on PC and consoles. Since it released, MudRunner Mobile ($5.99) had The Ridge DLC release as an in app purchase. Today, MudRunner Mobile gets the American Wilds DLC alongside the version 1.0.5 update adding support for the DLC. I hope Focus Home Interactive can improve how the game looks on modern iOS devices in future updates. The American Wilds DLC has loads of new content including new maps, missions, vehicles, and more. Watch the trailer below for the original release of the American Wilds DLC on PC and consoles:

The two new missions are inspired by Montana and North Dakota. Scavenge is a new gameplay mode added in with this DLC as well. Other than maps, missions, and modes, the American Wilds DLC brings in two new vehicles with six new vehicle add-ons. The American Wilds DLC is available as an in app purchase priced at $2.99 for MudRunner Mobile. MudRunner Mobile is available on the App Store and Google Play for $5.99. If you’re interested in checking it out, you can buy MudRunner Mobile on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. Check out the official website for the game here. Head over to our forum thread here for more discussion around MudRunner Mobile. Hopefully this does well enough for SnowRunner to be ported. Have you played MudRunner or SnowRunner on any platform before?

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