Fun Action Platformer ‘JackQuest’ Gets Huge “The Dark Castle” Expansion in Free Update

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A little over two years ago, a then-upcoming non-linear action platformer called JackQuest from developer NX Games really grabbed my attention with its cute main character and his comically large sword. As it turns out that sword is actually a human named Kuro who is trapped in the sword, and he joins forces with you to help you on your quest to find your best girl Nara who was recently pulled underground by a giant evil hand. Yes, bad things happening all around. It was in late February last year that JackQuest finally released on mobile, and while it had its share of quirks, overall it was an enjoyable experience. A rather short enjoyable experience, I should add. Since its release NX Games has been hard at work on a big expansion to JackQuest called “The Dark Castle" which goes towards addressing the criticisms of length of the initial release by adding an entirely new adventure to play through. Here’s a brief teaser for The Dark Castle followed by its official description.

A mysterious castle, dark creatures threaten our hero again, this time he will prevent the ancient one from destroying everything he knows. To defeat this terrible villain, Jack will again count on the help of his sword.

Enter Dracula’s castle, face zombies, ghosts and other terrible creatures. Fight against new bosses and acquire unique artifacts that will help you in the final confrontation, in a place that can be a real maze. Discover a new weapon that will help you break new ground into this terrible villain’s quarters. The time has come to end this evil.

You’ll need to have completed the first chapter of JackQuest, The Tale of the Sword, before you’re able to access The Dark Castle expansion. Also, if you were among those who tried out JackQuest when it first released and were turned off by its fiddly controls, there have been numerous updates and the option of customizing your controls added to the game since, so it might be worth dusting it off to give it another shot especially with the arrival of this new free expansion.

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