‘Rest in Pieces’ Gets a Giant Spider Boss in New Update and I Hate It

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There are two things I’m afraid of in this world. Well that’s probably not true, I’m sure there are tons of things I’m afraid of if I really sat and thought about it, but my two go-to fears are heights and spiders. Yes, just glancing over the balcony on the second floor of a mall can give me a mild panic attack, and don’t even get me started on those YouTube videos where some Russian teenager is climbing some 2000 foot radio tower or something. Then there are those little eight-legged creatures that were forged by Satan himself. I do not like spiders one bit, but have forced myself to tolerate them somewhat since my wife has designated me as the Official Spider Dealer With-er. However, I will never warm up to Black Widows, especially after a certain infestation event that occurred at my house two winters ago which must never be spoken of again. ANYWAY, all this is to say that Itatake’s creepy third-person swinging game Rest in Pieces (Free) doesn’t give a damn about how I feel about spiders and has just released a new update with a new level called Caught in Aralob’s Web. Here’s a video.

Ew. Apparently, spiders have been the most requested new nightmare by players of Rest in Pieces since its launch earlier this year. Shame on you people, shame on you. This wouldn’t be a new episode without three new unlockable and playable characters. This time around it’s “courageous but frightened boy Ronald Baggins, the brave little fly Tzetze, and the macho luchador El Tarántula." According to Itatake, players are constantly making requests for new things they’d like to see in Rest in Pieces, and while spiders were the most requested, they also list every idea on a board and consider anything and everything for inclusion in the game. More episodes and figurines are planned beyond today’s update, but for now check out the awful and disgusting Aralob in Rest in Pieces for yourself.

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