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‘Smite Blitz’ Soft-Launches in a Number of Countries Including the US

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Back in April Hi-Rez Studios announced a new mobile game called Smite Blitz, which would take a selection of the Gods from their ultra-popular Smite MOBA on desktop and console and put them into a free to play battler RPG for mobile. While you could point to any number of series or IPs that have their very own free to play hero-collector RPG for mobile, the world of Smite seemed especially well-suited to this type of spinoff. That initial announcement was accompanied with an open alpha test of Smite Blitz, and just last month Hi-Rez opened up a pre-registration campaign for the game. And with that pre-registration also came a pre-order on the App Store, which listed an expected release date of November 1st for Smite Blitz.

So I sort of figured I’d check in on Smite Blitz closer to that time, you know? But today Hi-Rez has gone and actually soft-launched the game in a number of regions, one of which is my very own region of the good old U-S-of-A. It’s not just the US though, as Smite Blitz is also soft-launched in Canada, the UK, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and The Netherlands. So if you’re in any of those regions then you too can give this one a try for free right this very moment. It’s available right here on the iOS App Store, and available right here on the Google Play Store for Android. I’m guessing this soft launch will run for a month or so and that original November 1st date will likely be the target for the official launch and rollout to more countries. In the meantime if you do check out the soft-launched version of Smite Blitz be sure to drop by our forums to let every know what you think.

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