The Latest ‘SEGA Heroes’ Character From ‘Altered Beast’ Bears Mentioning

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I apologize for nothing. You all would have done the same, and you know it. Anyway, we now have our fourth and final Altered Beast character for SEGA Heroes (Free). While the last update threw us a bit of a curve ball by making the villainous Neff a playable character in his Van Vader form, this last selection is more expected. That said, the cool abilities he brings to the table makes him quite the interesting addition.

The Werebear Centurion rounds out our trio of Altered Beasts. He’s an Epic Yellow Controller character, and like the other two Centurions, he has two different forms. As an Epic character, you’ll need fifty shards to unlock him. As usual, those shards can be obtained by exchanging gems for the event chest, or by playing the newest event that kicked off today titled Battling Beasts. In Werebear’s human form, he’s no different from the other two Centurions, all the way down to his special attacks. Well, his stats are worse than the Weredragon, but that’s down to their differing rarity more than anything else.

When he transforms using the Spirit Orb skill, however, his moves are quite different. Werebear’s MAX Skill is Petrifying Breath, which deals physical damage and inflicts a three-turn Stun and Vulnerable status. His Star Skill is Rolling Jump, which does a good chunk of physical damage. If the target has Stun status, this skill will also drain their mana. Werebear’s Passive Skill is Intimidate. If an enemy damages Werebear’s allies for 8% or more of their health, they’ll be inflicted with Enfeeble for three turns.

Werebear’s ability to drain mana from the enemy is an unusual one among the playable roster, so it’ll be interesting to see how he fits into the ever-changing meta in the arena mode, if at all. With Altered Beast wrapped up, we’ll soon be seeing another SEGA game represented in SEGA Heroes. I have no idea which game it will be, and my guesses so far have been way off. I certainly hope we get some of the non-human characters from the SEGA pantheon, though. Which characters would you like to see show up in the game?

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