Sign-Ups Now Open for ‘Skullgirls’ Real-Time Online Multiplayer Mode Closed Beta

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I’ve written extensively over the past few years about just how much I love Hidden Variable’s mobile adaptation of the cult-hit fighting game Skullgirls (Free). They did an amazing job of creating a mobile control system based around tap and swipe gestures but still retaining the kind of strategy and quick reaction gameplay that makes fighting games so fun in the first place. Hidden Variable has also done a tremendous job updating Skullgirls on mobile since its release more than two years ago, adding new playable characters, new modes, and just more of everything. However, there’s ONE big feature the Skullgirls mobile community has really wanted since the very beginning: Real-time competitive online multiplayer. I mean, that’s the heart and soul of fighting games, right? Direct competition? Well Hidden Variable is more than aware of this, and they’ve been quietly working away on implementing a real-time multiplayer mode into Skullgirls mobile, and the light is finally at the end of the tunnel. Here’s a video showcasing the real-time multiplayer from Anime Expo last month.

They’ve announced on Twitter that they’re now taking sign-ups for a closed beta test they’ll be running for the online multiplayer mode. They’ve been doing smaller scale tests for a long time now at various shows and conventions, and I even was able to play for myself when I met up with Hidden Variable back in March at GDC. Even then the multiplayer was working incredibly well between the two test devices we were using, and I think the time since then has just gone into polishing and ensuring that the mode will be super tight when it launches. So does this sound interesting to you? Well you can fill out this online form right here to throw your hat into the ring. Not everyone will get picked mind you, but this will be your chance to get in on some online multiplayer ahead of the masses. We’ll monitor the progress of the closed beta and once there’s more news or any other cool updates arriving for Skullgirls on mobile we’ll let you know.

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