The Latest Addition to ‘SEGA Heroes’ Isn’t “Dragon” His Feet

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No, I’m not going to apologize for that title. We already did the RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE thing the last time, so stupid puns were really all I had left. Anyway, the second character to be added to SEGA Heroes (Free) from the classic Altered Beast has arrived, and as predicted it’s another one of the Centurion’s animal forms. Spoiler warning for those who somehow got here without reading the title of the article: it’s the dragon.

Okay, not a dragon, if we’re being technical. It’s a weredragon. We’ve got a different Centurion this time around, but in his human form his abilities are no different from the Werewolf Centurion. He does have a leg up when it comes to his stats, however. Weredragon Centurion is a Legendary Green Striker, requiring 65 character shards to unlock. As such, he’s quite a bit stronger than Werewolf in most respects. His shards are available through the new Take to the Skies! event, or as a random pull from the Weredragon Release Chest. And yes, the odds of getting all 65 shards to unlock the character right now are pretty low, but slow and steady wins the race, right?

So what do you get for your efforts? A very beefy attacker that seems designed to shut down any opposing team that relies on buffs and protection, it seems. Once transformed, Weredragon Centurion has some nasty moves. His MAX Skill is Lightning Bolt, which deals a decent amount of elemental damage normally and doubles that damage if it hits a Shield. His Star Skill is Thunder Smash, which deals a little elemental damage to the target and all adjacent enemies. It also gives Weredragon Counter status for four turns. Finally, his Passive Skill is Inner Strength. His matches and skills deal bonus damage to Buffed enemies, and every time you match a friendly Star Tile he gains Defense Up for three turns.

Shields and Buffs are a big part of the Arena strategy in SEGA Heroes right now, so it’s safe to say that Weredragon Centurion could really shake things up. Also, he’s a dragon, and that’s kind of cool all on its own? His event will be running for the next couple of days, and like most Legendary characters he’ll likely be available as a low-odds pull from Event Chests for the next several weeks. This leaves two more Altered Beast characters, and I’m interested to see exactly which abilities they’re packing.

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