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Tactical Turn-Based RPG Card Battler Mashup ‘Traitor’s Empire’ Launches Next Week

There’s no shortage of RPGs on the App Store, and there’s certainly no shortage of card battlers on the App Store, but something you don’t see as often is an RPG mashed up with a card battler. That’s the basic gist of Traitor’s Empire from Danish indie developer Triple Rocket. As they explain it, “Traitor’s Empire is an RPG that mixes turn-based tactical combat with card game elements: You control a team of heroes on a battlefield where you augment their movement, attacks and defense with cards played from your customized deck." There’s a story-driven single-player campaign to play through where you’ll collect a roster of heroes and level them up as well as collect cards for your deck. There’s also a Clan system where you’ll be able to team up with other Clans and take on tough cooperative challenges, or attack and defend against each other to earn special rewards. Check out the trailer.

Traitor’s Empire released last month on the Google Play Store for Android in order to build up a user base and squash any bugs ahead of coming to iOS. That time is upon us though, as the iOS version is set to launch next week on August 14th. You can find out more information over on the official website, or if you’re an Android device owner you can take a crack at the game yourself right now. Otherwise, us iOS folks can look forward to some tactical turn-based RPG card-battling action when Traitor’s Empire arrives next week.