Huge “Song of the Elves” Expansion Arrives in ‘Old School RuneScape’

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Old School RuneScape (Free) is an interesting beast. The original RuneScape launched way back in 2001 and was among the first MMORPGs on the block, and due to the nature of the genre, the game has grown and evolved a ton in the many years since its release. However, not everyone loved the direction the game was evolving in, so in 2013 developer Jagex released Old School RuneScape, which was effectively the original RuneScape as it existed circa 2007. Old School RuneScape is completely separate from RuneScape proper, and the community actually gets to vote on the direction Old School RuneScape takes in the form of updates and new content. It’s a pretty cool thing, and today is a pretty landmark occasion as the largest update yet for Old School RuneScape has been released. It’s called the Song of the Elves update and it features a Grandmaster level quest that concludes the longest running storyline in the franchises history, the Elf Quest series which originally kicked off in 2002 and was RuneScape’s first ever storyline quest. Yes, a video game storyline that has been running for 17 years is seeing it’s conclusion. That’s just… awesome!

If you complete the Song of the Elves quest, you can unlock the crystal city of Prifddinas which is another very interesting addition and another example of the cool symbiosis between Old School RuneScape and RuneScape proper. Prifddinas was added to regular RuneScape back in 2014 and is a city of elves that is made entirely of crystal, and is the capital city of Tirannwn. Now the crystal city has been given an “old school" overhaul and added into Old School RuneScape with today’s update. The new city brings with it a new Gauntlet mini-game, a new demon skilling boss named Zalcano, and new crystalline armor sets and weapons. To access the Song of the Elves content you’ll need to be a subscriber to Old School RuneScape, completed all quests in the Elven storyline through Mourning’s End Part II, completed The Making History quest, and be Level 70 in Agility, Construction, Farming, Herblore, Hunter, Smithing, Mining and Woodcutting. If you haven’t checked out Old School Runescape before, it’s free to do so and Jagex has put together a pretty helpful newbie guide to help get you started, and you can also check out our full review of the game from when it released last year.

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