Blizzard Announces New Hall of Fame Cards for ‘Hearthstone’ in Addition to New Classic Cards across the Board

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Blizzard just announced some big changes for Hearthstone (Free) that see them looking at the core class identities, examine older cards, and even add new cards to Classic Card Packs. These changes will all go live in the next major update. 2019 has been an interesting year for Hearthstone with it going back to how many fans wanted story content. Instead of a single expansion covering a story, the story will continue throughout the year. Two cards will be moved to Hall of Fame in the next update.

Blizzard is looking at strengths, limits, and weaknesses while examining each class in the game right now. Their aim is to stay true to what makes each class unique. For this, Mind Blast and Vanish will be moved to the Hall of Fame. The Priest and Rogue cards will be replaced with new basic cards. Radiance is a new Priest card while Plaguebringer is a new Rogue card. In addition to those, Blizzard will add new Classic Cards including Gift of the Wild, SI:7 Infiltrator, Arcane Devourer, and more.

Blizzard is adding new Classic cards to make it easier for newer players to be up to speed and this has been worked on for a while. I’m interested to see how this plays out because this is something I didn’t think Blizzard would do. These Classic Cards will be available in Classic packs and be craftable with dust. Do you still play Hearthstone regularly?

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