Unlock Shenhua from ‘Shenmue’ in the Latest ‘SEGA Heroes’ Event

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I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I think of SEGA’s Shenmue, one of the most prominent characters in my mind is the serene Shenhua. That’s somewhat impressive given that she doesn’t even meet the main character face-to-face until the very end of the second game. She was a major part of the game’s marketing, however, and so it’s perhaps little surprise that she is the latest SEGA character to join the match-3 RPG SEGA Heroes (Free).

In SEGA Heroes, Shenhua is a Legendary Yellow hero who deals elemental damage.  Matching her in-game personality, she’s a support character. Her MAX Skill is Shenhua’s Lullaby, which heals her team and enfeebles the enemy team for four turns. Her Star Skill is Spirit of the Forest, which applies regeneration status to the teammate with the lowest health and gives counter status to the entire team for three turns. Her Passive ability is Taishiki, which gives her a chance to deal damage back to enemies that attack her. The lower her health is, the greater the chance it will trigger.

So yeah, she’s quite the powerful character. But how do you get her? Like most Legendary characters, she’ll likely be easy enough to get in an event down the road a few months. But if you want her now, you’re going to have to get lucky or spend big. You need at least 65 shards to unlock her. Shards are available via a gem chest, where the odds of pulling 65 Shenhua shards are set at 2%, or in the currently-running event. Said event only awards Shenhua shards to the top 500 players, and even then you only get enough shards to unlock her if you make the top 125.

That leaves two more characters from Shenmue that will be revealed in the coming weeks. It seems very likely Lan Di will be one of them, but I have no clue who the fourth one will be. I suppose we’ll know soon. A reminder that if you’re playing this game and are looking for a pretty relaxed guild to join, search for TouchArcade. We don’t bite. Well, most of us don’t. Good luck with the Shenhua hunt!

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