The Fantastic ‘Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap’ iOS Port Just Got a Ton of Options in a New Update

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A few weeks back DotEmu, Lizardcube, and Playdigious brought their fantastic 2017 remake of the 1989 cult-classic Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap ($7.99) to the iOS platform. We loved the game in our review, but there were some issues related to it being a game that was originally designed for the consoles of thirty years ago. Aside from the graphical overhaul of this 2017 version, the underlying gameplay hadn’t been changed an inch, and that didn’t transition so well to the touchscreen. I’d describe it as playable but not ideal. Thankfully the developers loaded up quite a few options for those who wanted to adjust the virtual control scheme to their liking, allowing you to move and resize the various buttons in the game and adjust the dead zone of the d-pad. For the most part, with enough tweaking it was pretty easy to find the setup that worked best for each individual.

Well today the developers have released the first update to Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap since its initial launch on iOS last month. The update tweaks the controls further, changing the default size and position of the buttons and d-pad, and adding a new dynamic d-pad system that will change its behavior based on which character you’re playing as and your current state. Upon firing up the updated version it didn’t seem like anything drastic had changed, but all I can say is that the controls definitely “feel" much better now. The update includes a bunch of other small but appreciated fixes too, and I really can’t recommend Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap enough no matter which platform you play it on, and especially on iOS thanks to the improved controls of this latest update, its portability, and its super low price compared to other versions.

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