‘Skullgirls Mobile’ Version 3.2 Update Now Live Adding Robo-Fortune and Tons More

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Late last month we learned that developer Hidden Variable was just about finished with the latest update for Skullgirls Mobile (Free) which would add fan-favorite fighter Robo-Fortune to the game along with numerous other new features and changes. Well this week that update has finally gone live!. There’s as lot to this version 3.2 update but first and foremost it’s all about Robo-Fortune. Much like the human version of Ms. Fortune this character is based on, as well as previous post-release character Squigly, Robo-Fortune has really unique gameplay abilities and additional controls to help you use them. Whereas Ms. Fortune can detach her own head to fight alongside her, Robo-Fortune can launch up to 3 “head drones" that can perform various abilities for her. One lets you plant a head drone as a mine in the ground to hopefully catch your opponent in a blast. Another is commanding your drone to launch into your opponent and explode, acting like a rocket. And my personal favorite is the salvo missile command which sees your drone launch a bunch of missiles straight up in the air only to rain down on your opponent from above a few seconds later. Needless to say with these three drone abilities you can string together some killer combos with Robo-Fortune.

Robo-Fortune comes in eight different variants and has her own Daily Event. In addition to her, this update includes a new arena to fight in called New Meridian Rapid Transit which is literally a moving train that “zips around New Meridian showing the player the whole city." Catalysts are new modifier items that let you to customize the modifiers on your Rift Battle defense nodes in various cool ways. The Catalysts aren’t consumable so once you’ve obtained one you can use it and reconfigure it as you please to try out different tactics. Finally, a new feature I’m personally very excited for is the ability to “favorite" Fighters, Moves, and Catalysts in order to prevent selling or sacrificing them. You can also sort and filter your collection by your favorites which sounds like a very handy feature indeed. There are many more changes and additions in version 3.2 that are meticulously detailed over on the official Skullgirls Mobile forums, if you’re interested in the super technical details, but more than anything make sure you go update your game and check out the extremely fun Robo-Fortune. Oh, and for those of you who have always hoped for TRUE real-time online multiplayer in Skullgirls on mobile, I MIGHT have played an early version of such a thing at GDC last month and let’s just say… you’re going to be very excited in the not too distant future.

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