The Latest Event in ‘SEGA Heroes’ Sees ‘Valkyria Chronicles’ Characters Join In

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Yes, I know I didn’t exactly give SEGA Heroes (Free) a glowing appraisal back when I reviewed it, so you’re probably wondering why I’m still paying attention to it. Well friends, sometimes being a fan can be a sort of sickness. And although SEGA Heroes has its flaws, it has certainly delivered on its promise of gathering together various SEGA characters from the ages and letting you build teams out of them. For example: Valkyria Chronicles.

Yes, the latest game to see representation in SEGA Heroes is none other than the cult classic tactical RPG series Valkyria Chronicles.  The first character of the bunch is the well-loved Alicia Melchiott from the original game. She’ll soon be joined by a few others, no doubt, but some of the enemies and locations from the games have already started appearing. You can get Alicia one of two ways at the moment. Her shards are available in a special limited-time chest that can be bought for 550 gems, and you’ll also be able to earn some in the new Valkyria Chronicles event that started running today.

Like other SEGA Heroes events, you have to use a separate source of stamina to grind out as many trophies as you can in a set amount of time. The boosted characters this time are Agent G, Ebitan, and Thomas Rogan from the recent House of the Dead events, and of course Alicia Melchiott herself.  Alicia is an Epic-rank character, so her shards should be available down the road in some of the non-premium shops, but if you manage to rank in the Top 50 for this event, you’ll have enough shards to unlock her right away.

To SEGA’s credit, the game has come along fairly well since it first launched. There are a lot more characters and certain aspects have been adjusted to make the game more player-friendly. I’m not really feeling that friendliness with the events so far, but what can you do? In any case, it’s great to see some of the Valkyria Chronicles characters appear in the game, because I have a feeling they aren’t getting another game anytime soon. Which game will be next? Which ones would you like to see? SEGA’s already checked off my main ones, but I’d like to see NiGHTS in here at some point.

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