‘Rangers of Oblivion’ Guide: Best Weapons, Wild Souls, And How To Invite Friends

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Welcome to the TouchArcade Rangers of Oblivion guide. Created by NetEase and GTArcade, Rangers of Oblivion is a third-person action RPG designed to bring the gameplay of classics like Monster Hunter, God Eater, and Toukiden to the mobile front. Stuffed full of more traditional MMO quests, Rangers of Oblivion is something of a hybrid in the genre, mixing bewilderingly good mobile graphics with zone-based overworld combat and quests.

Veterans of the genre will feel well equipped in this world from the get-go, but newcomers are bound to feel a little out of their depth. This RoO guide should get new players off on the right foot while offering something of a tidy reference for even experienced players diving into the game for the first time.

Rangers of Oblivion – Getting Started

Rangers of Oblivion character customization

After a beefy download on the log-in page, you’ll be ushered in the character creator screen. There’s a slim chance this will be your first time with such a system, but it’s worth pointing out that the cosmetic choices you make here won’t affect your gameplay in any meaningful way. Just consider this a role-playing element. You’re free to choose between male and female characters and a plethora of hairstyles.

From there, you can select a face preset and/or dive into the more advanced tabs to tweak things like cheekbone, nose, and mouth however you like through the intricate slider system. Mess around with facial tattoos, body type, and voice, and you’re good to go. And don’t worry about getting everything right the first time, either; you’ll be able to edit your character to your hearts content through various mirrors available in-game (including one in a haunted house!).

Rangers of Oblivion – Graphics Options

Rangers of Oblivion graphics options

Once the initial few cutscenes have played out and you’ve gained control of your character, it’s worth hopping into the in-game Settings page to tweak your gameplay experience a tad depending on your device. Whether you’re sensitive to framerates or not, Rangers of Oblivion is a fast-paced action game, meaning speedy reactions can go a long way. If your game is running at a choppy 15fps, you’re going to have a much harder time dodging lethal enemy attacks.

If you’re running on a relatively new flagship, you shouldn’t have too much trouble running Rangers of Oblivion on the max graphics setting – that is, by tapping the “ultra” button by Graphics Quality, setting Resolution to High, and Players Shown to “Many”. If you want to limit the number of annoying frame stutters occurring in quest hubs, opt for Few here instead. It seems most of these issues stem from other players popping in and out of few, and you won’t really need to see them anyway – they just help populate the world a little.

As you’ll notice on the meter beneath these options, the settings you choose are gauged on how much power they’ll draw from your device. Even if you don’t feel your game slowing down as you crank up the graphics settings, you’ll be demanding more from your device’s components, depleting its battery faster and even causing it to heat up to an uncomfortable degree.

Slide on down to the “System” tab and you’ll get a few additional options here. If you really want to have your game feel as smooth as possible, flick the High Frame Rate switch on this screen to shed the 30fps limiter enabled by default. You can even turn on Vibration to get a little force-feedback from in-game actions, or even set up a compatible controller if you have something like the GameVice, Steelseries Nimbus, or even just a third-party controller grip. All you need to do to enable controller mode is have one connected as you play the game, but your mileage may vary. The inputs listed on the Controller Guide found in this menu didn’t line up with those mapped to our Dualshock 4 controller connected to our Android device via Bluetooth, and you can’t remap the inputs in-game, either. If it works; great, if it doesn’t, it’s best not to dwell on it and just revert to the on-screen controls instead.

Rangers of Oblivion – Controls

Rangers of Oblivion controls

Rangers of Oblivion uses a virtual joystick for movement. This is found on the left side of the screen and will reposition itself if your thumb lands in its general vicinity – though this can be changed to a fixed position through the System menu. Camera movement is handled by your right thumb, but is achieved simply by sliding basically anywhere else on the screen rather than relying on another virtual joystick clogging up the screen.

You can find your character info screen by tapping the icon in the top-left just above your quest log, with various menus like Mail, Inventory, Party, and the Notice Board taking up a few columns in the top-right by the mini-map. Just under that you’ll see your next available “Path to Greatness” task based on your current level. There’s even a small chat icon here for issuing pre-set callouts – though don’t ask us what the 666666 callout is for.

On the bottom right of the screen, you’ll find your Mount button and the Soul Eye activation button. The bottom center of the screen houses the game’s chat channel, leading us to the emote, camera, and screenshot functions shown by tapping on the small arrow in the bottom left of the screen.

Talking to NPCs is as simple as either tapping their body when you’re close enough, or tapping on the corresponding face icon that shows up at the same time. Rely on that if there’s too many other people around to get a clear shot at tapping their person.

You’ll lose access to a bunch of these buttons in combat, but your thumbs will really come into their own at that point. Your left thumb will focus on character movement via the joystick and tapping the Target Lock button to permanently fix the camera to a behemoth, freeing up your right thumb to execute attacks, evades, and Wild Soul actions via the on-screen prompts.

Rangers of Oblivion Best Weapons – What’s The Strongest Weapon Type?

Rangers of Oblivion best weapon

Rangers of Oblivion uses a weapon system rather than classes; the weapon you equip controls the kinds of attacks you use. As is the norm with any class or equipment-based system, the one question newcomers always have is which of them is the strongest. Personally, I find the idea of picking the strongest option to be trivial; a player should choose whichever is the most fun for them. It’s far too early in the game’s life to say which weapon is the strongest or which is more valuable for a group of hunters, so we’ll just outline what each brings to the table down below to help you make a more informed decision.

Each of the abilities listed below are on top of the chosen weapon’s basic attack. Each ability can have certain aspects changed through Runes and upgrades available later in the game. The list below will only apply to the default ability set when equipping a weapon for the first time.

  • Staff – Ranged/AOE
    • Elemental Dominion: Rains the elements down on and around your target.
    • Elemental Destruction: Fires a concentrated beam of energy that pierces through targets.
    • Arcane Barrage: Releases a barrage of magical missiles at the target. The amount is based on the available energy charged from other attacks.
  • Greatsword – Slow, heavy damage
    • Blink Thrust: Teleport to your target and deliver to quick strikes
    • Dragon Fang: Launch sword gales at your enemies that can strike from a distance
    • Saintly Judgement: A powerful 2-stage charged smash
  • Lance – Defensive
    • Shield Throw: Toss your shield for a mid-range attack
    • Fearless Thrust: Charge at your target with your lance
    • Avenging Barrier: Block and counter with your shield
  • Longbow – Ranged, Fast AOE
    • Power Shot: Fire arrows that pierce their target
    • Multishot: Fire arrows in a conal spread in front of you
    • Rain of Arrows: Rain down arrows on the target area
  • Twin Blades – Sustained DPS
    • Somersault: Jump up to attack from above.
    • Blade Rush: Delivery a flurry of cuts to your target
    • Last Rites: Attacks apply Blade Marks
  • Gauntlets – Sustained DPS
    • Flickering Gale: Zip forward and deliver a blow upon hitting a target. Can be used 3 times within 5 seconds before going on cooldown. Each blow increases in power by 15%
    • Flurry: Hold to deliver a dizzying amount of punches to the target
    • Way of the Fist: Deliver a series of lightning-fast attacks to the target. You are invulnerable during this move.

Those who crave fast attacks and fluid combat will no doubt enjoy what the Twin Blades and Gauntlets have to offer. Just be prepared to dodge often. Longbow and Staff users will excel at striking multiple parts of a behemoth or quickly farming materials from other mobs from a safe distance. Lance offers up more attacking headroom thanks to its massive shield.

But it’s the Greatsword that will likely offer up the highest damage potential in the right hands. So if you were to ask which Rangers of Oblivion weapon does the most damage, we’d have to say Greatsword. But only when you know when and how to dodge.

Rangers of Oblivion – Combat Guide

Rangers of Oblivion combat guide

No matter which weapon you choose, how you go about using your abilities in battle will remain the same. On top of the Normal Attack button where your right thumb would typically rest, you’ll notice 3 additional skill buttons around it. From left to right, these are first, second, and third abilities; imagine them as being in attack power ascending order. Tapping these skills will execute the desired attack, whereas certain others (usually ability 2) allow for longer attacks by holding the button down.

As you’ll be taught by the weapon instructor, you’ll typically want to Target Lock your enemy by tapping the padlock icon on the left side of the screen. This will free you up from having to reposition the camera during a fight. You’ll even have a button for cycling between available targets during a larger fight.

Unlike normal monsters farmed for materials, behemoths – the game’s bigger “boss” monsters – have exploitable weak points all over their body which can be identified by using the Soul Vision button to the left of your Dodge button. Not only do you deal increased damage by focusing your attacks on these glowing weak points, but they’ll eventually toppling the monster in question and allowing for a series of coordinated attacks as it lays there defenseless for a time.

A little later on in the game you’ll gain access to a Wild Soul. You’ll choose your initial Wild Soul based on the few additional abilities listed below, but at their core, these extra equips grant access to three additional abilities to use in combat. Accessible by holding the Wild Soul icon above your regular attacks, sliding and releasing your thumb over one of these pop-out abilities will activate them. The top one is basically always a heal with limited uses, but the first two can range from buffs and debuffs, to handy time stop effects and other neat little extras.

Rangers of Oblivion Best Wild Souls – Which Is The Best Wild Soul?

Rangers of Oblivion best wild soul

Just like the weapons in Rangers of Oblivion, you can’t single one Wild Soul out as the best. They’re situational and depend massively on the playstyle of the user. You’ll be presented with 5 of these Wild Souls to choose from early in the game, and while one of their skills is always a self-heal with limited uses, the other two vary greatly. We’ve rounded up the 5 beginner Wild Souls below with a bit of insight as to why each is great in their own way.

  • Light – Defense and Dispell
    • Heal
    • Team Shield
    • Damage Boost vs Mutated
  • Nature – Healing and Endurance
    • Heal
    • Convert stamina into health
    • Team heal over time
  • Mystic – Spheres and Time Manipulation
    • Heal
    • Cloaking field to hide from targets
    • Freeze enemies in time
  • Shadow – Weaken and Status Effects
    • Heal
    • Increased damage to nearby targets
    • Speed and power reduction to nearby targets
  • Titan – Raw power
    • Heal
    • Leech HP through damage
    • Additional damage against controlled opponents

Both Nature and Light-type Wild Souls would suit those ready and willing to aid their team with situational heals, whereas Mystic and Shadow and more of a middle ground between damage and support. Titan, on the other hand, would be a fine choice for slower options like the Greatsword, allowing them to continue dealing more damage to regain lost health rather than continuously break their charged combos to avoid enemy damage. It’s not an option suitable for newcomers.

Just like abilities, the above options only relate to the initial Wild Souls offered to the player in the early hours of the game. Each class of Wild Soul have 6 different variants, meaning available skills can and will change as you unlock and exchange different Wild Souls or rank them up through training.

Rangers of Oblivion – Crafting and Gathering Guide

Rangers of Oblivion crafting and gathering guide

The main focus of a game like Rangers of Oblivion is to hunt big monsters and turn their spoils into weapons and armor capable of taking on the next big thing. You’ll spend a lot of your time picking out new equipment at Brokk’s blacksmith, but crafting them requires certain materials.

Tapping a material will, in most cases, tell you where you can gather them; but some will rely on the dreaded RNG more than others. Crafting new items will usually require behemoth parts like croaker scales and rhidon tusks, obviously obtained by beating the named behemoth, but other times you’ll have to procure more specific items like animal bones and ores.

To grab these less specific materials, you’ll want to talk to Cassandra at the Valley of Dawn gate and hit the Exploration button. This means you’ll go out in the field with no specific behemoth target in mind, so you’re free to gather from mineral veins and monsters without fear of a behemoth surprising you in a zone.

If you’re having trouble finding a certain material – like silver ore – you can trade any excess materials to Brokk for tokens used to buy your chosen material. Don’t expect a 1:1 ratio, however. You’ll need to work for those rare materials.

Rangers of Oblivion – Multiplayer

As an action-RPG clearly based on the best, Rangers of Oblivion isn’t a 100% single-player affair. It really can be if you want to go solo, but there are a few systems in place to no only aid those who’d rather go it alone, but a way to make things easier for those who aren’t quite able to defeat the game’s massive monsters without a little bit of help here and there.

Rangers of Oblivion – How To Invite To Party

Rangers of Oblivion party invite

You can easily partner up with like-minded players in Rangers of Oblivion by tapping their character icon in the overworld and hitting the “Invite to Party” option. If they accept, you’ll be able to chat to them by tapping the chat box on the bottom of the screen and selecting “Party” before typing out your message. Players in your party will show up in the Party window when you tap the Flag icon in the top right.

But if you’d rather drag some NPCs out into the wilderness to fight your battles, you’re free to do so. You’ll gain more NPC friends as you progress through the game and can even power them up by giving them appropriate gifts – as you’ll learn the with jam present early on. To invite them to your group, simply open up the party menu and tap one of the empty “reserved” slots. Once the NPC window opens up, just toggle the twin blade icon on your chosen NPC so that it glows. They’re now in your party and will help you out in any and all hunts you sign up for at the gate.

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