Rastakhan’s Rumble is Now Live in ‘Hearthstone’

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Hearthstone (Free) has been living on the front screen of my iPhone since it went universal back in 2015. It’s wild that the game has been out this long, but one thing is for sure: Blizzard’s new content release cycle has been unbelievably consistent. Rastakhan’s Rumble is the latest expansion to be added to the game, and as of a few moments ago is now live and ready to start playing in the game.

As someone who spent an absurd amount of time in Stranglethorn Vale in World of Warcraft, I really (really) dig the vibe of this latest expansion: It’s all themed around the trolls of the Gurubashi Arena, and the new keyword is “Overkill," which triggers when a card does more damage than is required to kill a target.

While a whole new set of cards to crack open, and the meta shift that comes with that is exciting enough, what I’m really looking forward to is the single player component, Rumble Run. These single player pieces that accompany each expansion have become my favorite part of Hearthstone. Rumble Run launches next week, on the 13th.

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