Monster-Catching RPG ‘Siralim 3’ Gets a Big “More Is Better!” Update

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If there’s one game that’s been sucking up a lot of my time lately, it’s Thylacine Studio’s Siralim 3 ($4.99). It really is shocking the amount of depth and variety the game has, and it’s a nearly perfect loop of hopping into randomly generated dungeons, clearing them of enemies and collecting items, completing a bunch of quests, and then doing it all over again. Not to mention the compulsion to collect and upgrade the game’s staggering amount of monsters which you can add to your team and take into battle. I appreciated the first two Siralim games for the sheer amount of content they offered but always found them difficult to get into, but for whatever reason Siralim 3 has totally clicked with me and I’ve been having a blast with it since its release last month.

As if the game wasn’t already gargantuan as is, Thylacine has just release the first major update to Siralim 3 which adds in all sorts of new stuff to do. Ten classic Nether Bosses from Siralim 2 have been added to the game for those who have defeated the regular set of Nether Bosses, and they’ll drop some Legendary crafting materials for you if you can manage to defeat them. There’s also a new character named the Shady Dealer who you’ll find randomly in Realms after you’ve completed the main storyline and can be recruited back to your Kingdom and will offer to sell you some incredibly rare items. The catch is that you won’t know what item you’ve bought until after you’ve already bought it and parted ways with your money. So shady!

That’s really just the tip of the iceberg and for the full details of this latest Siralim 3 update you should check out the update notes in the App Store or the developer’s post in our forums. There’s just too much new stuff to list it all here, but it’s all very welcome and interesting changes and additions to an already ridiculously huge game. If you like games like Pokemon or just RPGs with extensive progression systems that you can tweak and customize to your liking until eternity, then Siralim 3 is probably some of the best money you can spend on the App Store.

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