‘Dragalia Lost’ Director Reveals Upgrade Changes Coming And Rewards Players With Gift

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Nintendo’s Dragalia Lost (Free) has been out for a month and there have been loads of additions and changes since launch. The sad part is, there has been no indication on whether it will launch outside the handful of countries it is currently available in anytime soon. Matsuura, Director of Dragalia Lost posted a message for all players detailing some upcoming changes and it also includes some gifts for players.

Matsuura says the team still has work to do for balancing the game and it will take time to reach their target. They will be using player feedback. The team is looking into ways to make adjustments to raise character levels from 1 until half of the max to make it easier to read stories for each characters Until the end. To achieve this, they will be adjusting how upgrade materials work. Every player (who played it before November 5th at 1 AM) gets a gift for logging in right now including 50,000 mana, 100,000 rupies, and 30 gold crystals. This gift will be waiting in your gift box.

If you missed it, Dragalia Lost is doing very well in USA and Japan going by the spend per download which is 3 times that of Fire Emblem Heroes. The revenue for the first month is $28 million out of which $23.5 comes from USA and Japan. Dragalia Lost is free to play on iOS and Android Read our review of it here.

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