‘Dragalia Lost’ Halloween Facility Event Announced, Anti Cheat Measures Coming

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Nintendo’s Dragalia Lost (Free) has had its first event in the form of the Loyalty’s Requiem raid event. With a new week beginning today, Nintendo and Cygames have announced another event and detailed their plans to handle cheaters. Before getting into the Halloween event, the Loyalty’s Requeim raid event’s epilogue is now available. It will be available until 2 AM on October 22nd (ET). You need to have completed up to chapter 5 of the story for the event to be able to view the epilogue.

Cygames and Nintendo have also said that players who cheat may be banned from the game and they will lose access to all data including Diamantium. There are anti cheat measures being worked on to solve these issues. The Trick or Treasure event is a facility event. As of this writing, there are no details on what a facility event actually is but you will face off against bosses of the shadow element in the event. There will be event related rewards as expected. To acces this event when it begins on October 17th at 2 AM (ET), you need to have completed up to chapter 2’s 2-1. This will let you participate in the Trick or Treasure event and multiplayer.

Dragalia Lost is free to play on iOS and Android Read our review of it here. As of now there sadly still is no news on making the game available to more countries. I’m pretty shocked it still isn’t available in any EU country yet.

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