Hallow’s End Is a New Hearthstone Event Beginning October 17

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It is that time of the year again and Blizzard had two big announcements for Hearthstone (Free). The first is BlizzCon related. Each year, Blizzard rewards attendees of BlizzCon with in game swag across all Blizzard games. This year, Hearthstone players who are either attending BlizzCon in person or remotely through the Virtual Ticket, get more than just a card back. In addition to the BlizzCon 2018 card back, you will also get 10 card packs in total with 2 of each of the recent expansions and 2 classic packs. Watch the BlizzCon Hearthstone reveal below:

Hallow’s End is a new limited time event in Hearthstone beginning October 17th. This event will go on until October 31st and the tavern will be decorated accordingly and have various limited challenges. There is a login bonus that grants you a golden Witch’s Cauldron Card and an Arena Ticket if you login between October 17th and 10 PM on October 31st. Another event specific change is the dual class Arena which lets you play as each of the nine classes “in costume". You can pick a class and a hero power for this event and the cards offered will be from both classes in addition to neutral cards.

The event will also see two Tavern Brawls take place. Monster Smash is the brawl that will go on from October 17th until October 22nd. October 24th will see The Headless Horsemen Rides Again brawl take place. For a change, this event will also have a limited bundle of card packs with a bonus. The Hallow! Hallow! Bundle includes 20 Witchwood card packs and a new Paladin Hero that will no doubt annoy your opponent.

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