Blizzard Announces Rule Changes Coming with the 12.0 ‘Hearthstone’ Update

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With a new card set on the horizon, Blizzard, as usual, is taking this opportunity to make some other sweeping changes to Hearthstone (Free). You can read all the changes here, but in short, they’re analyzing some card types removing “beast" and “elemental" groupings to both Ghostly Charger and Ixlid, Fungal Lord. Additionally, Hearthstone is getting some more rules regarding copying cards and whether or not those copies retain their enchangments. Basically, whenever a card moves forward in the flow of the game, like going from your hand into play or from your deck into your hand it retains enchantments. If it goes backwards (so going from play to your deck, or to the graveyard then to play) it loses those enchantments. Cards that shift, like Shifter Zerus will also lose enchantments with each shift to maintain consistency with this.

So far, the only card that’s getting hit with what feels like an actual nerf is Shadowboxer which has really gotten out of control with the advent of Lifesteal. So, it’s being tweaked to only trigger off of minions. Still pretty good, but not game-breakingly good. Of course, like with any nerf, Shadowboxer will be able to be disenchanted for full dust value for two weeks following the launch of Hearthstone 12.0, so I guess if you’re super steamed by this change… enjoy your dust? Either way, we’re super stoked for the new expansion, and love how digital card games can so easily evolve like this.

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