Fantastic Puzzler ‘Tiny Bubbles’ Gets Landscape Support and iCloud Syncing in Latest Update, Android Version Still Coming

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Back in early May the years-in-development puzzler from Pine Street Codeworks Tiny Bubbles ($3.99) finally made its way to iOS and Steam. The idea behind Tiny Bubbles was to pack a game full of nearly 200 levels that were built around various types of color-matching mechanics, and tie it all together with a beautiful physics system that emulated the formations and movements of bubble clusters in a mesmerizing way. And they pulled it off! We loved Tiny Bubbles when it came out and awarded it our Game of the Week. As wonderful as it was though, there were still some areas that players hoped could be improved, with the two biggest complaints being that the game didn’t support landscape orientation on iOS and that it didn’t sync progress over the cloud so you couldn’t swap between different devices and maintain your progress. Late this past Friday both of those issues were addressed in a new update for Tiny Bubbles which landscape support and iCloud progress syncing. Hooray!

Another area that players felt needed a little work was in the uneven difficulty throughout the entire game. Tiny Bubbles allows you to play levels in a pretty non-linear fashion so it was never a major issue, but there were certain levels that most definitely felt overly hard at times. Pine Street Codeworks went through all of their analytical player data and made adjustments to the difficulty on the levels that seemed to give the most people trouble, so the result should be a much more even ramping up of difficulty with the levels closer to the end game still being a pretty significant challenge. Finally, an Android version is still in the works but isn’t quite ready yet, but when it does launch it’ll be using a free to download with premium unlock IAP model that seems to suit the Android world better than iOS. We’ll update you when we learn a release window for Android, but in the meantime check out this latest update to the iOS version of Tiny Bubbles and check out the forum thread for some discussion.

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