Huge ‘Death Road to Canada’ GIZZARD Update Hits Tomorrow, Price Increase Coming Friday

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Rocketcat and Madgarden’s road trip zombie apocalypse survival game Death Road to Canada ($14.99) has received near constant updates ever since its arrival on iOS in March of 2017, more than a year ago. The developers are constantly taking in player feedback and making tweaks and fixes, as well as adding in copious amounts of new content, in order to make Death Road the best darn road trip simulator on Earth. The most recent major update was from back in April when the FEMUR update hit that added new weapons, new trader camps, a new Barbarian character, and tons more. Now Rocketcat and Madgarden have detailed the next big Death Road update called the GIZZARD update, and it’s arriving on iOS tomorrow. In brief, it’ll add “some changes to the final level, a new character with a few all new weapons, a new special trading camp, a new song, and some requested tweaks and fixes."

For a more detailed rundown of the GIZZARD update, refer to this post in our forums which spells everything out. Also as you’re probably aware by now, the developers of Death Road to Canada don’t believe in having sales on iOS, and in fact they raise the game’s price by a dollar with each major update. April’s FEMUR update saw the price go from $11.99 to $12.99, and tomorrow’s GIZZARD update will see it rise another dollar to $13.99. The next major update, and potentially the last, will arrive around the two year anniversary of the game this coming August, and it’ll again push the price up another dollar, finally bringing pricing parity (and content parity, for the most part) to the game across all platforms. If you haven’t checked out Death Road to Canada yet, we thought it was pretty cool, so be sure to check out the new GIZZARD update when it arrives tomorrow and if you haven’t grabbed the game yet be sure to do so before the price goes up again on Friday.

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