‘Evoland 2’ Out Now on Android with 40% Launch Discount

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If you’re interested in Evoland 2 ($4.99), but have joined me on the dark side as an Android user (the water’s nice, we have headphone jacks and emulators!), then good news: the game is out now on Android! This is an RPG inspired by retro games that takes things one step further, and features a whole bunch of genres. You might say “that’s the plat of the first game!" Which, you’re right, but this one dramatically improves on the original, with fun writing, and solid entries in all the genres it touches. And it’s not just RPGs this time, as even collectable card games get involved. Check out our review of the iOS version!

The fact that Evoland 2 is out on Android is kind of a surprise…in a sense. The developer, Shiro Games, thought Evoland 2 would be too complex to make for mobile. Publisher and porter Playdigious has the power of positive thinking on their side, it turns out, and made the iOS release happen earlier this year. Not only did it garner a five-star review, but it was also our Game of the Week, an impressive double-dip for this genre mashup. Plus, the Android port supports controllers and Android TV, so it’s quite the full-featured port. It’s also on a temporary launch sale, $5.99 from its regular $9.99 price, so pick it up now if you’re interested. It is currently $6.99 on iOS.

Evoland 2 is out now on Google Play.

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