Over 15,000 ‘Fortnite’ Kids are Turning to GoFundMe for Free V-Bucks

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Normally, GoFundMe is used as a replacement for any kind of healthcare system in the US, but some people are finding another use for it: to get Fortnite (Free) V-Bucks. Kids without credit cards are suffering the indignity of having to play with the default skin, and use only the randomized dance emote. Truly, this is the greatest issue facing society right now. However, these kids are resourceful, and have taken to GoFundMe in the name of getting V-Bucks. Look how many people are trying to get V-Bucks for themselves! And some of them actually got paid! Why pay for your own V-Bucks when someone else can buy them for you?

Now, this kid is dreaming big. Some would have just asked for enough for a Battle Pass, which would be enough to earn some sweet skins and emotes and to continually pay for future Battle Passes. But no, this dude wants badass skins and emotes for his whole dang squad. Look, we’re turning the earth into a giant flaming garbage dump for the next generation, go on GoFundMe and give a little bit back to the next generation. They might as well look cool in Fortnite while the world goes to hell.

Of course, what with all those jerks with cancer hogging the spotlight on GoFundMe, prospective Fortnite V-Bucks getters are finding themselves short-changed. Here are some alternatives, kids:

  • Start a lemonade stand. Cops might come and bust you up, but then you can use GoFundMe to pay for your fees for your unlicensed food vendor stand, and maybe you can use the excess to buy some V-Bucks. Or, use the excess to become a licensed lemonade stand, then call the cops to shut down all unlicensed competition trying to undercut you.
  • Call your local congressman and demand the rescinding of child labor laws, so you can afford V-Bucks for yourself through honest work.
  • People still believe in astrology, I’m sure you can make a few bucks claiming you’re an expert astrologer. Start up a Fiverr account?
  • Do the Google Opinion Rewards thing? I’m serious about this one, a lot of people do this.
  • Repurpose a household appliance, stick an old phone on it, and call it a smart appliance. Make sure that it’s actually a giant scam to collect data. Sell to venture capitalists as soon as possible.
  • Take a penny. Don’t leave a penny.
  • Bid for government projects, get paid, and then never actually complete anything.
  • Hang around outside a Starbucks drive-thru when the line gets long, and offer to run inside and place the order and get it to them much faster than the drive-thru…and be sure to accept tips.
  • Launch a Kickstarter for a game, and make it look interesting enough for people to donate. Then never release the game, and release continual updates apologizing for never releasing the game despite the fact you took thousands of dollars for it and maybe it should be a higher priority in your life because these people believed in your idea? People get away with this all the time, you can too.

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