Explosive Driving Game ‘Pako 2’ Gets New Map and Vehicles in Latest Update

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There are very few games that I’ve had as much fun with in 2018 than Pako 2 ($1.99) from Tree Men Games. The original Pako – Car Chase Simulator ($1.99) that launched back in 2014 is one of my all-time favorites, as it blended endless high-score driving with tremendous style and its variety of maps and vehicles made it so you always knew you’d be having a good time whenever you fired up the game. When the long-awaited sequel originally launched just on Steam last year, it made me sad, but thankfully the Tree Men didn’t forget about their mobile fans and brought over a mobile port of Pako 2 to the App Store this past January. Naturally I loved it a lot, and a big content update in early April brought even more fun to the table with a large new map called Sunny Coast and three new vehicles to drive, as well as launching the game on Android. Now they’re back at it with another big content update for Pako 2 on mobile that brings the Magpie Island map to the game and more new vehicles, check it out.

In case you aren’t familiar with the Pako series, the first game had you maneuvering a car with no brakes around various types of maps as you eluded an increasingly aggressive police pursuit, seeing how long you could survive before inevitably crashing or getting busted. The sequel Pako 2 builds on that formula but offers MUCH larger maps to drive in as well as offensive weaponry to help you fend off the cops as well as neat point-to-point missions to complete as you’re playing, which allowed you to earn money and unlock a huge selection of new vehicles and maps. It’s kind of like an unholy child of Grand Theft Auto and Crazy Taxi, and much like its predecessor, it’s pretty much guaranteed fun every time you play. I’m stoked to see Tree Men continue to add new content to the mobile version, so if you’ve skipped out on Pako 2 in the past but like what you see in the trailer above then definitely give it a shot as it’s some of the best two dollars you can spend on the App Store.

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