Get Fortnite Gear in Twitch Prime Pack 2, Releasing Tomorrow

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The cultural phenomenon that is Fortnite(Free) just seems to keep on rolling. Today it was announced that we will be getting some more Twitch Prime loot for the juggernaut game. Included in this package is the Exclusive Battle Royale Trailblazer Outfit, the Exclusive Battle Royale True North Back Bling, Exclusive Battle Royale Tenderizer Pickaxe and the Exclusive Battle Royale Freestylin’ Emote.

The outfit, bling and pickaxe all have a relatively muted look to them. Unlike some get ups people enter the fray with, this one seems to be designed to keep you from being seen so easily. With an army green motif you should find creeping through the grasses and bushes a little easier when you equip these items.It seems like wherever you go, you can overhear people talking about Fortnite. I hear it at the grocery store. I hear it at the gym. My coworkers talk about it and so do my kids. Well, to be more accurate my kids are more likely to pantomime the different dance emotes which are pretty hilarious.

In case you forgot, this is a great time to pick up Prime. Aside from the two Fortnite loot packs, there are several other games you can get loot for. Paladins, Overwatch, Battleright, Heroes of the Storm and many more have offers you can grab with Prime. There are also full game titles available for download including Psychonauts, High Hell and Gone Home. Sadly the price of Prime is not a constant in this universe and Amazon recently announced that they will be making changes. The price hike is only days away, so grab it while you can for cheap and roll into Fortnite looking stylish.

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