The ‘Pokemon GO’ Summer Tour 2018 Has Been Announced with a Return to Chicago for the Pokemon GO Fest and More

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Niantic and the Pokémon GO team just announced something that pretty much surprised me. The Pokémon GO Summer Tour 2018 will see them bringing live events to various regions across the globe through Safari Zone Events and the return of the Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago. The Pokémon GO(Free) Fest returns to Chicago at Lincoln Park which is much bigger than Grant Park. The Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago last year didn’t end well. In fact you should read what happened here. Niantic even had to reportedly settle a lawsuit surrounding that recently.

The Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago takes place between July 14th and July 15th on the 1.8 mile walking course. Passes for the event will cost $20 and they will be avaialble from May 11th on the Pokémon GO event website. I’ve already seen people skeptical of showing up for this after what happened last year. Hopefully they make provisions and talk to the cellular providers to make sure everyone has fun and that it actually ends up working out for people who travel from far away to attend the Fest.

In Europe, there will be a Safari Zone event at Dortmund, Germany. This will take place from June 30th until July 1st in Westfalenpark. Unlike the Pokémon GO Fest, this is an open event. There will also be a Safari Zone event in Japan at Yokosuka later this Summer. The success of the events in Asia made the team want to properly do something in the region and they will be announcing more things for Asia in the future.

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