‘Death Road to Canada’ Console Port Release Date Confirmed

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Rocketcat’s Death Road to Canada ($14.99) was released on mobile a little over a year ago now, and since then the game has seen an unbelievable amount of content updates. If you’ve (somehow) never heard of this game despite the ridiculous amount of coverage it has gotten around here, it’s a roguelike collaboration between Madgarden and Rocketcat Games where you fight through a zombie apocalypse to make your way to Canada- Coming across a wild cast of characters in the process. Packed to the brim with random events, your adventure on the Death Road is different every time.

Like lots of popular games, folks have been begging for a Switch port. In Rocketcat tradition of completely over-delivering, they’re not just releasing a Switch port- The game is also hitting the PS4 and Xbox one. After a brief delay, they’ve announced the console release date for May 8th.

Death Road to Canada is one of those games where I really don’t care what platform you’re playing it on as long as you’re playing it. I own it on iOS and Steam, and from the sounds of it, next week I’ll also own it on the Switch (at minimum). This is definitely a game worth buying on as many platforms as possible.

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