‘Fortnite’ Season 4 Update Out Now on App Store

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Season 4 of Fortnite (Free) begins today, and while as of press time, the servers are still down, the iOS version 4.0 is rolling out now, and it reveals the first details of what to expect. What does the comet bring? While the notes say that it brings “new locations to explore," we know that the comet offers glowing rocks that gives a low-gravity effect to those that consume them. See a high-altitude fortress? Instead of giving away your position by blowing it up, perhaps the time has come to instead jump above it and give your enemy some death from above? The new intro trailer shows off some of what the update contains:

Check out the full patch notes for 4.0:

The mobile client will get some platform-enhancements as well: now you can drag and drop items in the inventory to rearrange them. This should make it easier to get the weapon you wantin the ideal spot in your quick bar. Plus, additional stability improvements and bug fixes are here. Or at least, they technically will be once the maintenance ends. Not only is there a new Battle Pass for Season 4, but the comet and new low-gravity mechanics should make for an intriguing new experience. If you see this, download the client update from the App Store and then update your app ASAP to be ready when the servers come back online, and stay tuned for more news on Fortnite Season 4.

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