‘Hearthstone’ Monster Hunt Mode is now Live

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Before he left the Hearthstone(Free) team, Ben Brode gave us a glimpse into the newest game mode for the card battler in an interview he gave at Pax East. The Monster Hunt is an iteration of the well received Dungeon Run mode that was debuted in the Kobolds and Catacombs expansion. Just like in Dungeon Run, you will start with a small deck of cards and fight progressively tougher opponents culminating in an end boss show down with a deck of cards you have put together over the course of the run. Monster Hunt is shaking up the formula with four unique classes that all have special abilities and each one has their own nemesis they must defeat at the end of their run. Once all four are defeated you will venture further into the Witchwood to face off against Hagatha herself and use each of the classes to assist in bringing her down.

The Monster Hunt just went live today and is the big single player experience of the Witchwood expansion. If you have not logged into Hearthstone in a while, now is a fantastic time to do so. Just for opening up the app you’ll get 3 card packs as well as a free legendary card to kickstart your way into the Witchwood expansion and the new Year of the Raven.

When you start a Monster Hunt, you will pick one of four heroes to play as. Tess Greymane is a rogue variant that has a hero power that discovers any class spells that have been cast and adds to your hand. Darius Crowley starts the game with an indestructible cannon. His hero power fires the cannon at whatever minion is across the board from it. Houndmaster Shaw is a rush specialist, sending in minions that can attack other minions immediately. The last hero is Toki who, we were told from Mr. Brode, will eventually face off against her future self as many time travelers seem to make a habit of doing. No matter which class you start with, you’ll find a ton of fun in Monster Hunt. For more info on the Monster Hunt, check out Lead Mission Designer Dave Kosak’s Hearthside chat:

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