‘Fortnite’ 3.6 Downtime Starts Soon, Brings New “Clinger” Sticky Grenade

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Fortnite (Free) version 3.6 downtime is on its way early this week, with the downtime happening at 4:00 AM EDT on Tuesday, April 24th. The servers will be down, and they usually go down for about an hour or so, before resuming play with the latest update. While sometimes the content doesn’t go live until Thursday, this does mean that when the new content is live, a massive update isn’t required. Currently, the game is on version 3.5, with smaller updates in the past couple of weeks. A new version number might be on the way soon with season 3 coming to an end in a few days. Note that if you like the 50 vs 50 mode, you might want to play it before it possibly goes away with this 3.6 downtime! Also, will the fate of Tilted Towers finally be revealed beyond being a giant troll job?

This week’s new item is the Clinger, which will stick to any surface or player. Already, I’ve seen players hypothesizing that there are clever ways to use this. Perhaps try sticking it to a teammate, then impulse grenading them into the enemy’s base. Or, if the weapon equip times allow for it, stick it to an enemy, then impulse them away so they can’t bring the wrath of splash damage upon you. Like in the explosives-only LTM, when I would land in Tilted Towers and enemies would rather blow themselves up with rockets than die by the hands of my pickaxe. Players are sure to find clever ways to cause you to curse thme out when you die, I’m sure.

Make sure you fire up Fortnite on Tuesday morning, so you don’t ahve to wait for the update files to download when you want to play, especially if you’re trying to play on your commute or before school. Or, conspicuously forget so you don’t have to play. Do whatever feels good, folks. Like ol’ Tomatohead here, he looks good and feels good.

Fortnite version 3.6 starts rolling out at 4:00 AM EDT, 3:00 AM CDT, 1:00 AM CDT, 9:00 AM GST, and anywhere else it says on this world clock.

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