Rayark’s Visually Stunning Puzzle RPG ‘Sdorica’ Finally Launched Globally

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It was way back in December of 2015 that Implosion – Never Lose Hope ($1.99) developer Rayark unveiled their visually stunning upcoming game Sdorica, but in reality the game has been in the works for even longer than that, 4 years to be exact. Now after a somewhat lengthy soft-launch period, and with more than 2 million people already pre-registering for the game, Sdorica -sunset(Free) is finally launched globally in the App Store today. It’s been a long time coming! Right from the moment we first saw Sdorica, we’ve been impressed with its striking visuals, colorful cast of characters, and fluid animations. Coupled with a killer soundtrack and animated cutscenes, Sdorica is quite the looker, as you can see in the global launch trailer.

Rayark is known mostly for launching premium mobile games, or at least free to try with a premium unlock or DLC. Sdorica is different in that it’s very free to play. Don’t let that scare you off, though. Sdorica has a rich universe and cast of characters and a great story to tell, and it appears Rayark wants you to be able to enjoy all of that without spending a dime if you don’t want. Where things get fuzzy is in the character collection aspect of the game, which is a gacha system naturally, so if you’re the type that just HAS to have a certain character or “collect ’em all" then the urge to spend might come into play. Honestly it’s the sort of thing that will take some time to suss out how much the monetization affects the game itself, but all I know is that I’ve enjoyed the heck out of the bits of Sdorica I played while it was in soft launch and the impressions from other players in our forums have all been on the positive side so far. For free, there’s no reason not to at least check out the long-awaited Sdorica.

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