‘Fortnite’ 3.5.2 Adds Double XP, Light Machine Gun, and 50v50 v2 LTM

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Epic Games announced Fortnite (Free) version 3.5.2, and it is rolling out starting right now. While the rumored destruction of Tilted Towers has yet to come to pass, there is a new Light Machine Gun weapon, 50v50 v2 Limited Time Mode, and some bonus XP and Battle Pass star opportunities ahead of Season 3’s conclusion.

The Light Machine Gun comes in Rare and Epic rarities, and will appear on the floor, treasure chests, and vending machines. It does 25 or 26 damage depending on the rare or epic variant. It has a 100 round magazine and fires Medium ammo, with a five-second reload time. The Minigun is a bit controversial because of its long startup time, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets vaulted at some point with this becoming the weapon of choice for assaulting bases and large crowds. Similarly, the Guided Missile is no longer in the game as of this week.

The latest Limited Time Mode is 50v50 v2, a revamped version of one of the first LTMs. This will only be available for a few days, and as the name implies, two teams of 50 players each will face off. Each team launches from their own bus, with the final storm circle visible on the map at the start. The storm has a 10-minute closing time, a five minute battle time, and then five minutes at the end when the circle closes entirely. You need to get loot and resources during that 10-minute period, though resource-farming is boosted by 75%, and spawns give more ammo and consumables. However, downed players lose 10 health per tick! A battle line is shown on the map that shows where the other team is more likely to be.

Season 3 of the current Battle Pass ends in a couple of weeks, and Epic is providing a couple of goodies for players looking to complete their pass. Double XP is live from the 19th to the 22nd, and since each level up gives you Battle Pass stars, you should get closer to getting the Best Buds emote and eventually that John Wick-inspired skin. There’s also the ability to buy 10 tiers for 900 V-Bucks, so you can do that for yourself. Also, everyone is getting 20 Battle Pass Stars because of the downtime on April 12th.

Keep an eye out for some more surprises soon. Mysterious comets and shooting stars are pointing toward Tilted Towers, and a lot of people are suspecting that Epic is about to get rid of the hotspot when season 3 of the Battle Pass ends. Strange controller vibrations on console point to something happening in Tilted Towers’ spot today. Just what will happen is a good question, though!

Check out the full patch notes here.

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