Best New iOS Games on Our Forums: ‘Golem Rage’, ‘Brew Town’, ‘Retro Highway’, ‘Weed Grower 2’, ‘Oddmar’ and MUCH More

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On this particular iOS game release Wednesday, we celebrate National Lineman’s Day! A weird made-up holiday for sure, but, I actually have a wild and vaguely relevant story that is still blowing my mind: We go to the neighborhood meetings here where I live, where the police and city government people come to fill in residents on what’s been going on. A super weird problem my town is now facing is a crew of guys who have a bucket truck and go around using it to steal copper off the actual power lines to then sell for scrap. They just do it in the middle of the day! No one ever calls it in because… You see guys in orange vests fiddling around with power lines and you just assume they’re legit. Why would anyone think otherwise? Anyway, not super relevant to TouchArcade for sure but my mind has been so blown by this whole thing I’ve been telling this story to anyone who will listen as it’s so unbelievable. The guts for a plain day heist like that! That’s some Oceans 11 stuff!

Anyway, believe it or not, TouchArcade is not just a site about amusing anecdotes from neighborhood meetings, but we also post about the latest and greatest iOS games from time to time. Below is a listing of the newest forum threads for your perusal. Keep in mind, these might not all be new games as far as their release date on the App Store is concerned, but instead just new to the TouchArcade community. So many games get released these days that a lot of stuff flies under the radar, and we’ve got a super dedicated community of folks digging through the App Store to find it.

As always, stay tuned for our full roundup later this evening which now almost always includes tons of other stuff as the preorder games roll out.

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