Apple Design Award Winner ‘Shadowmatic’ Getting a New Chapter this Week

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It’s been more than three years since Triada Studio launched their stunning shadow puppet puzzler Shadowmatic ($3.99) on the App Store, but that’s not stopping them from continuing to add new content to the game. This week a new chapter titled “Other Worlds" will be added via an update to Shadowmatic, and it will bring 30 brand new levels as well as a few hidden levels to unlock, adding to the game’s already impressive 100+ levels. The new chapter goes into three distinct worlds: Space, Music, and Ancient Times. You can see all these new themes on display in the following trailer, but be warned that just by the nature of the game watching the trailer will spoil a few of the new puzzles that are coming out.

Shadowmatic follows in the grand tradition of puzzlers that let you manipulate objects through the touchscreen in a relaxing and personal way, like the Zen Bound series, Blueprint 3D, and The Room series. We loved the look of Shadowmatic right from its first trailer and followed it closely during its development prior to its official release in January of 2015, and we enjoyed the game so much we chose it for our Game of the Week then. Apple liked the game a lot to, and awarded it a coveted Apple Design Award during WWDC 2015. Triada Studio has kept the game well-maintained over the years, including updating it for the iPhone X last fall, but this will be the first time in quite a while that new content is being added to Shadowmatic, and I’m pretty excited. Look for the new chapter to arrive by this Thursday the 19th.

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