Nintendo’s Latest ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ Video Introduces New Characters, a New Mode, and More

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It’s been a few months since the last one, so it was about time for another Feh Channel update video for Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes (Free). And here we are! The latest video comes alongside a new update, and it highlights a handful of new additions to the game. If you’re a fan of the more obscure Japan-only entries in the Fire Emblem series, this one is definitely for you. If not? Well, you get a new mode to play around with, and that’s not bad either.

The first bit of news is that some new heroes are joining the game. Some of the key characters from the final Super Famicom Fire Emblem game, Fire Emblem: Thracia 776, are joining the roster via a special summoning event and an upcoming Tempest Trials event. Newcomers Leif and Nanna will be available today through the newest summoning event, joined by special alternate versions of Reinhardt and Olwen. Finn will also be joining the game, but you’ll need to play the upcoming Tempest Trials+ event to get him.

Speaking of Tempest Trials+, I should probably mention what that little plus sign is about. The Tempest Trials mode is receiving a number of upgrades with the arrival of the next event. To start with, each event will now cover 10 days instead of 14, and the requirements to earn prizes will be reduced to a level similar to the mini-Tempest Trials. Your first two battles each day will come with boosted stats, and double the experience and SP rewards. All bonus-eligible allies will now earn you a 40% boost rather than having separate ranks of 40% and 20%. On top of that, the stamina required to play this mode will be reduced.

The new mode is called Grand Conquests, and it challenges you to try to capture and defend territory on a world map through a series of battles. You’ll join one of three factions and work together with other players to try to control the most locations. The battles themselves follow Rival Domains rules, so you’ll be dealing with the larger map and unit allocations. Clearly, fans are taking to these more strategic battles and the developers are finding ways to deliver more of them. Grand Conquests uses its own stamina meter separate from the regular and Arena meters, and you’ll earn prizes as you progress through the ranks.

There’s quite a bit of other stuff in the video and update, as well, such as new weapon upgrades, some changes to the available rarities of some heroes, and a few other little adjustments. Just watch the video above if you want to get the complete details, since it’s all a bit in the weeds for anyone who hasn’t already been playing the game for a while. In any case, it’s nice to see the arrival of some of the main characters from Thracia 776. It was one of the few games left whose principal members were still absent from Heroes. It’s also great to see the developers expanding on the excellent gameplay found in Rival Domains, even if the overall design of the game is starting to get a little woolly.

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