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‘Retro Highway’ is Like Your Favorite ’80s Motorcycle Racer Cranked Up to 11

I LOVE retro-styled racing games, and there have been a ton of great ones over the years. Games like Final Freeway ($1.99) and Final Freeway 2R ($1.99), Highway Runners ($0.99), and the incredible Horizon Chase (Free) all captured the essence of classic arcade car racers like OutRun, but what about the motorcycle lovers? Games like Road Rash and Hang-On are classics too, where’s their homages on mobile? Welp developer Dumb Luck Games wants to make that happen with their upcoming game Retro Highway, check out this awesome trailer.

As you can see, Retro Highway is a decidedly over-the-top take on a motorcycle racer. Here’s how it works: “You score points and coins while trying to complete challenges the game throws at you until crashing into something. Inbetween races, you unlock new bikes and upgrade powerups. Once you complete enough challenges, you open the next stage. The first area is meant to acquaint players with the controls and mechanics, things get a lot more difficult and hectic after that." It’s a more modern-style type of progression that’s a nice fit for a mobile game, especially with a roster of 10+ unlockable bikes and upgradeable power-ups acting as carrots on a stick. And the sense of speed is really impressive, too. If you’re liking the look of Retro Highway as much as I am, then you’ll be happy to know that it’s coming quite soon, and will be hitting both iOS and Android in just a couple of weeks on April 14th.