Now is the Perfect Time to Grab a ‘Fortnite’ Invite Code From Our Discord Server

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It’s been a couple weeks since Fortnite (Free) dropped on iOS, and if you don’t have an invite yet, now is the perfect time to pick your invite up. Thanks to additional invites, and people spreading the love after getting them, our users have a surplus of invites in the #fortnite_codes channel on our Discord server. Come in, put down your code requests, and pass the time by playing Pokecord in the channel. Is your obscure Pokemon knowledge finally going to become useful? Regardless, this is a great spot for you to finally get that invite for yourself.

Just remember, when you do get your invite, don’t play in class. A teacher made a request, and, well, Epic decided to warn his students. Epic is listening!

Once you have your invite, be sure to join #fortnite on our Discord server, where you can share your Victories Royale, and find squads to get those wins. Manage to get some cool moments, or have some handy tips? We might also be looking for squads when we’re pulling down those wins on our streams!

Have fun, y’all!

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