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‘Umiro’ Is the Latest Glamorous Puzzle Game From Devolver Digital, and Is Launching on iOS and Android on March 29th

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how confusing, mysterious or opaque video game trailers are – even when I have no idea what’s going on, some titles transcend reason and are just beautiful to witness in motion. Umiro fits this description to a tee, as its stunning Monument Valley-esque graphical design brings its minute and meticulous puzzle worlds to life. I have no idea how this emphasis on aesthetics will translate in terms of gameplay, but with prolific publisher Devolver Digital behind its mobile release, Umiro is nothing if not full of promise. As the debut release of indie developer Diceroll Studios, Umiro is looking to emulate its isometric indie peers when it releases on iOS, Android and PC simultaneously on March 29th.

While I’ve started to appreciate the esoteric nature of Umiro’s confusing charm, the developers have gone into a bit more detail on their website in explaining what takes place in the game. The core gameplay element in Umiro is a line-drawing mechanic, as you plot the routes of protagonists Huey and Satura across various landscapes to a calming ambient soundtrack. The line-drawing element will allow for some clever puzzle capers, and should allow for a number of different solutions to Umiro’s many levels. Having received critical acclaim amongst many Asian publications – including nominations for the best indie and mobile game at the Tokyo Game Show and the 14th IMGA Awards – it’s fair to say there’s significant hype surrounding Umiro’s release, and hopefully the extended development time will result in Diceroll meeting these lofty expectations. Look out for Umiro on the App Store on March 29th, and let us know your expectations on our Discord server.