‘Jurassic World Pinball’ Now Available in ‘Zen Pinball’ and ‘Pinball FX 3’

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A couple of weeks back we learned that Zen Studios had partnered up with Universal to release a set of new pinball tables based on the classic Jurassic Park franchise for their Zen Pinball (Free) and Pinball FX 3 games called Jurassic World Pinball. The new tables are intended to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of the very first Jurassic Park movie back in 1993, but they have the added effect of also making me realize that I’m old now. Anyway, today those three new Jurassic Park-themed tables have arrived in Zen Pinball on iOS, Android, and Mac and in Pinball FX 3 on all other platforms. Here’s a trailer showing all three new tables in action.

As you can see, there is a table based on the 2015 movie revival of the series Jurassic World which follows along with some of the major antics that happened in that movie. Then there is a table based on the original Jurassic Park which also follows along with many of that movie’s major plot points and action scenes. Finally, a third table is loosely based on the first Jurassic Park but features some original “mayhem" to experience like a dinosaur fight and rescuing survivors. Each table can be purchased separately inside of Zen Pinball or as a bundle in Pinball FX 3. Finally, besides celebrating the anniversary of the original movie, there’s a Jurassic World sequel set to hit theaters on June 22nd called Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, so if you’re planning on seeing the new flick then the new Jurassic World Pinball tables are a good way to gear up towards its release.

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