‘Street Fighter IV: CE’ Coming to Android this Month with Fan-Favorite Dan as Exclusive Character

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I was quite pleased with the way Capcom Mobile brought their 2010 mobile version of Street Fighter IV up to modern iOS standards with the release of Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition ($2.99) back in July of last year, even if it did cause Total Biscuit to hate us forever. The game has received good support since then too, receiving new characters, improvements to online multiplayer, and new features including support for the full screen of the iPhone X. It’s far and away the best traditional fighter on iOS. Capcom had been famously dismissive of Street Fighter IV fans on Android except in certain cases for owners of specific devices and in select regions. Or, you know, if you pirated it. Then this past November we learned that Capcom would finally be appeasing its Android fans by bringing Street Fighter IV: CE to Android devices, and today we’ve learned that the Android version is all finished up and should be arriving at some point this month.

Oh, and one other thing? The Android version will be the exclusive home to fan-favorite punching bag Dan. Yes, that’s right, those Android folks are getting one up over their iOS counterparts. Dan Hibiki first appeared in Street Fighter Alpha back in 1995, and was intended as a joke character that poked fun at Capcom rival SNK and their Art of Fighting series. In short, Dan was purposely designed to suck, with weak moves and terrible special powers. However, over the years that actually turned him into something of a fan-favorite as there was no greater badge of honor than being able to mop up an opponent using Dan. It’s not clear if Dan will simply be a timed exclusive to the Android version of Street Fighter IV: CE and will eventually make his way over to the iOS version, but for now just know that I’m incredibly jealous of you Android players.

Another difference between the Android and iOS versions of SFIV:CE will be the pay model. On iOS it’s just a straight up paid game with no IAP, but on Android it’ll be offered as a limited free version with a one-time $4.99 IAP to unlock the full game. The free portion will include Ryu as the only playable character and Chun-Li, Guile, and Zangief as AI opponents to face off against. It’s not a bad idea at all and should give players enough of a taste to decide if they’ll like the entire game. The Android version will also support Bluetooth game controllers for all gameplay portions, but not in menus, similar to iOS’s MFi controller support. Better than nothing, I guess. Other than those changes Street Fighter IV: CE should be on par with the iOS version in all other regards, so if you’re an Android gamer then look for it to arrive later this month and sign up for pre-registration here if you want to be notified when it’s available.

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